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Mastering a skill to fine perfection takes time. In our case it all began more than 100 years ago and we are still going strong. The truth is, distilling botanicals for us is like… gold to goldsmiths. We are distillers at Liviko, we distill and we love it. Our oldest pot still Mamma Ilse, named after our legendary master Ilse Maar, is at the core of our distilling heritage. Our distillery is still in the same historic building in the heart of Tallinn. Come and see us at and we’ll share the love of great gin!


The two women who made our history – Mahta and Elfride, played a key role in mastering the craft of distillation and also passed the knowledge on to the generations to come. This is why we decided to name our two copper pot stills – our two hearts – after them. Every single drop from these copper beauties is pure Nordic with our very own historic heritage. The beauty of distillation. And gin, of course.


For us it all starts from nature. Nordic taste culture has its roots deep down in the four seasons, the untouched wild forests, fertile land and most likely the cleanest air on the planet. But the beauty of nature alone does not really cover it – it’s the people that matter. Our heritage – our traditions and the way we Estonians do things. It is no secret, as a small country on the shores of the Baltic sea, we want and need to do things our way. Smart and with strong passion. This is a key to unlock the story of our gins.


A wild nature enthusiast and chemist by profession Mrs Hanna Kaur is the soul of our gins. Hanna and her team set out to an incredible journey of creating distinctive gins of highest quality that would inspire gin friends, experts and top bartenders all over the world.

Hanna: “For me taste is everything, I am just thrilled we have created something that simply tastes so good. My gins have their own Nordic character, their own botanical fingerprint and I am glad to see our design team captured the essence of both of them into beautiful artwork bottles”.

RECIPES NO 23 & 38

Creating the final recipe is like running a marathon with a glorious finish. Hundreds of botanicals and their combinations. Endless discussions and tastings, all in the name of making what we believe “the perfect” gin. And then at one point you just know. You have it – The Final Recipe. Crafter’s London Dry Gin has No. 23 and Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin No. 38 on the bottle – to mark the number of recipes tested before achieving perfection. Gin-gin to that.


This is something we are truly proud in the distillery. We distill our skilfully selected botanicals separately, process we have fine-tuned to perfection over the last century. All our Master Distillers of Liviko have passed on their small batch craft secrets and little tricks for next generations. Our two pot-stills Mahta and Elfride are the two most important centre-pieces of our distillery.


We have our own expert laboratory. This means every batch of botanicals is checked and double checked. Expert lab ensures we are consistent in replicating our famous Crafter’s recipes. Crafter’s is the same every day, month and year. Our beautiful gin molecules all have their Recipe No. 23 and 38 fingerprint on it. Your signature Crafter’s London Dry or Crafter’s Aromatic Flower gin is the same every time you taste one. Cheers to that.